Lesbian SF Subgenres

These are the most common of the Lesbian SF Subgenres!


Fantastical science fiction mixed genre of speculative fiction that mixes science fiction and fantasy. It can also include elements of horror. Science fiction excludes fantasy creatures or trope yet science fantasy explicitly relies upon them. Science fantasy gives a scientific patina to things impossible in reality. 



Feminist science fiction poses questions about social issues on gender roles construction, reproduction, inequality, and the patriarchy. Some of these works have explored these themes using utopias to create a society in which gender differences or gender power imbalances do not exist, or dystopias to explore worlds in which gender inequalities are intensified, thus asserting a need for feminist work to continue. Lesbianism occasionally appears in this genre.


Lesbian Dystopia/Utopia

Utopian novels contrast current society with an envisioned idealized society and offers a critique of the present day while a lesbian dystopia would be one wherein the treatment of a sexuality (and often gender) creates a nightmare, unjust world. Some Lesbian Utopias/Dystopias are feminist, so they perceive the patriarchy as a major cause of social ills while presenting women as equal to men and also as in control of their reproduction, but not all are feminist works. There is overlap with apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction


Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Ironpunk, Decopunk, etc etc etc… The spirit cyberpunk genre has bloomed and infiltrated other time periods. Cyberpunk is distinguished by a noir atmosphere and advanced science (like genetic engineering, information technology and cybernetics) mixing with a changes in the social order. Its the future on steroids. The derivatives of Cyberpunk have the same exaggeration in their setting. Steampunk, for example, seems inspired by a Victorian-era mad scientist. Other time periods are given the same treatment from the Iron Age to the Space Age.



Lesbian SF Subgenres
Science fiction set out in the stars has many smaller sub-genres. It can include space operas, alien invasions, space frontiers, space westerns, and more. Outer space travel, inter-species interactions, advanced technology, and galactic adventures are common in space-focused science fiction. It a popular subgenre of lesbian science fiction.


Time Travel

Lesbian SF Subgenres

Time travel is a recurring theme in science fiction. It can be the center of the plot or a starting plot device. Time travel is used a lot from hard science fiction (which examines the causes and effects of time travel paradoxes) to science fantasy (which glosses over the scientific aspect.)  Characters often change the past, protect the timeline, prevent a bad future, or accidentally change events in time travel stories.


Young Adult

Lesbian SF Subgenres
Young-adult fiction is written, published, or marketed to adolescents but adults also read this books.  YA is defined as literature for ages ranging from 16 years up to the age of 25, while Teen Fiction is for children ages of 10 and to 15. More lesbian YA is published now than ever before. That boom in LGBT YA has boosted the number in the science fiction genre.