Lesbian Sci-Fi Resources

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  • Gaylactic Spectrum Awards celebrates science fiction, fantasy and horror that contains positive representations of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered characters, themes, or issues. It was created in 1998 by the Gaylactic Network. Established over 17 years ago, The Gaylactic Network is a national-wide LGBT speculative fiction fan club. They hold an annual convention. Its old fashioned, yet easily navigated, site belies the usefulness of the award to keep a finger on the pulse of LGBT speculative fiction trends.


Book Lists

  • Alternative Sexualities and Identities in Fantasy and SF Booklist (by Mary Anne Mohanraj) includes works of bibliography and criticism as well as fiction in magazines, anthologies, and novels. Mohanraj is an award winning author of ten works that have translated into six languages. She is a professor of fiction at the University of Illinois where she is also the assistant director of the Asian and Asian American Studies department. It was last updated in 2006.
  • YA fantasy and sf novels with major or main LGBTQ Characters (by Rachel M. Brown) is a list of all the YA speculative novels that have at least one clearly identified LGBTQ major character and were published by a American publisher. Brown is an award winning author who earned an MFA from UCLA, was a TV writer on the Fox Family Channel, and had a play produced off-Broadway. The booklist is on the author’s livejournal blog.
  •  Altpunk (by Chris Moriarty) is a booklist for Queer SF, Queer-Content SF, Alternative SF, QueerSpec, GLBT SF, GLBT-Content SF, Gay/Lesbian SF, and Transgendered SF books. It includes authors, bookstores, and web resource lists. The Altpunk book list is hosted on Moriarty’s well designed book site. Moriarty is a Phillip K. Dick award winning author as well as a regular reviewer in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and GLBTfantasy.com. She has also taught writing workshops at libraries.
  • People of Color in Lesbian Fiction (by Sandra Barret) is a general listing of lesbian fiction featuring people of color that also has a speculative fiction section. Barret is an avid reader as well as a writer of speculative fiction. She has written three novels and has had short stories featured in Years Best Lesbian Fiction 2008 and Time Well Bent: Queer Alternative Histories. Her list is posted to her WordPress blog.
  • ‘Greet Your New Lesbian Overlords’ Booklist, by Charlie Jane Anders, is list of lesbian-dominated cultures in science fiction. Liz Henry, with the Feminist SF blog, was a contributor to the list.  It was published by I09.com which deals with science and science fiction.



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  • GoodLesbianBooks.Com a guide to quality lesbian (and bisexual) books with descriptive booklists as well as regularly posted reviews. The clearly organized site uses Blogger for its Content Management System. There are a number of booklists with different themes such as ‘Lesbians in Space’ and ‘Lesbians in Sport.’ There are sections for Graphic Novels, Award Winning LGBT Novels, and Young Adult. It is run by two avid readers.
  • The Lesbrary (Science Fiction Tag) is a collected effort of a group of book review bloggers (which includes some librarians). The Lesbrarians, as they call themselves, post a weekly round up of the latest news in lesbian publishing as well as book reviews and guest posts. Their literary focus “includes anything in the broad ‘doesn’t identify as a man and is at least some of the time attracted romantically and/or sexually to others who do not identify as a man’ category.” The weekly round up posts are a must for a reader’s advisory library who wants to keep up with the lesbian lit scene.
  • Sistahs on the Shelf (Science Fiction Tag) is the premier review blog for Black Lesbian Fiction. It was established in 2005.  “My goal is create a space for us and fill a void I believe hasn’t been satisfied,” according to the blogger.  This isn’t a Science Fiction specific blog but it has a science fiction tag. The site features more than just reviews, but also author interviews and pick of the month column.


Book Club

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  • AfterEllen Book Club is hosted by one of the most popular lesbian entertainment sites on the web. It features monthly books of varying genres. AfterEllen is run by LogoOnline which is the digital web branch of the LGBT lifestyle channel,  LogoTV. It has 42,000 likes on Facebook and 86,000 followers on Twitter.
  • Lambda Literary Book Club is the monthly book club created Lambda Literary Foundation. It is attached to the Lambda Literary Review. 5,316 people like Lambda Literary Foundation on Facebook and it has 7,138 Twitter followers.



  • Lesbian Science Fiction has over 200 books listed with descriptive annotations for science fiction featuring lesbians or lesbian relationships. There is a list of lesbian authors and a collection of resource links. It has a dated layout but it has search features and a clear navigation.
  • Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy,& Utopia is a complex bibliography with a feminist perspective that has a lot of LGBT content. It has a lists of anthologies, authors, forums, and links. Feministsf.org was established in 1994.