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Science fiction explores the fantastical, the mechanical, and the futuristic. The writers take lesbian literature to the edges of the galaxy and the limits of technology. This website features books that take readers on journeys through unfamiliar worlds populated with lesbian (or bisexual) characters. These characters explore the universe and ride on the edge of technology.

Sink into worlds of aliens, time travelers, mad science, robots, mechanics, space, and lesbian love! You never know what is around the next asteroid for Lesbians in Space!

Why Did I Make This Site?

Hi, I am Sami and I am a librarian who loves queerly speculative fiction. I created this website because I was sick of struggling to find science fiction with lesbian characters. Is your Google-fu failing you too?

Lesbian science fiction book fan's photo of a blonde woman in a blue skirt and purple tank top walking through an overgrown ruin.
I am a lesbian science fiction book fan!

Even with my sweet library skills, I found it hard to find lesbian science fiction. I figured that other people must be having trouble too. I decided to make this guide for a homework assignment when I was in library school.

Lesbians In Space was initially conceived to educate librarians on the subject of science fiction featuring lesbian characters or lesbian relationships. It is still super useful for regular readers. This website’s content was researched using the UA’s library catalog, following blog rolls, searching book lists, and consulting with the Fiction_L listserv. The construction of the website was influenced by the UX Conference on the User Experience.

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